Thursday, October 23, 2014

CHLARA on The Afternoon Cruise

I was so excited to have Chlara on the show yesterday! I've been crushing on her song "You Complete Me" and it's been on repeat for 2 weeks now. :-)

A video posted by Ingrid Nieto (@ingrid947) on
A video posted by Ingrid Nieto (@ingrid947) on

Friday, October 17, 2014


You can't expect someone to be merciful if he himself has not received and experienced God's mercy, the undeserved pardon for sin. This came as an epiphany as I did my best to understand a person who always had something to say about everyone and everything. Day in and day out, the person always found something to whine about and I would be on the receiving end of the “Kraken.” The criticisms have no boundaries—it doesn't matter if you're older, well-respected, more educated—that person will still find something to throw at your face.

from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
When I was younger, I would often compare myself to others and criticize them too. I somehow had a false sense of “feeling good” when I would find something wrong about them. Later, I found out that my behavior was actually a defense mechanism—my meaningless criticisms were a cover-up to my insecurities. I just had to come to terms with the fact that I desired what they had. Instead of wallowing in envy and bitterness, the Lord taught me to be content, to appreciate what He's given and how He's made me. How liberating it was to begin living with a grateful heart—you don't only appreciate what you have, you learn to appreciate others too.

Dealing with a person who thinks he is a notch higher than everyone else can certainly challenge one's patience. I mean how do you keep a straight face when you converse with someone who thinks he is the expert in everything? That everyone else is doing the wrong thing and he is doing everything right?

Have you found yourself in conversations like this?
Me: Ang galing ni *Keith no? He's been in the industry for a long time and has really made a name for himself.
The Expert”: He's better off in music. His talking sucks.
Me: Pero ang tagal na niya. I think he's really good.
The Expert”: I'm still not impressed.

Just wow. Who died and made you king of everything?

There was also a time when someone asked for my help for a project. I went the extra mile and when I asked what he thought of the output, he made a mountain out of a molehill, zeroing in on unimportant aspects, which made me feel that helping him was not good enough. His obligatory “Thank you” which could have been supported by appreciation was easily trampled upon by his nitpicking. 

Since we've mentioned NITPICKING, I remember when I was confined in Makati Med for dengue, when a nitpicking visitor came in. 

NITPICKER: Ano ba naman tong kwarto mo, ang liit liit. Bakit ganito yung space?

She went on to pick on the littlest details that didn't really matter to me. To me, it was important that my room had ample space, it was private, I had a comfortable bed, there was an extra bed for whoever would be looking after me and I was near the nurses' station.

When Nitpicker left, I sent her a lengthy text message expressing that I didn't like her negative attitude. Did she intend to check up on how I was or did she really just go there to criticize a hospital room? She apologized after and told me that I wasn't the only person to give her feedback on her negativity.

When tempted to lash out and criticize, try pausing and asking yourself these questions:
-Did this person do anything bad to me?
-Why do I feel this way about the person? Is he/she directly affecting me?
-Have I had a personal encounter with the person that validates what I am about to say?
-What are my intentions for saying these things?

Reflecting on those questions can help you from falling into the same state as constant critics and trolls. Often, they say or post destructive things out of envy. They tear people down, throw stones their way because spitting vitriol on another gives them a false sense of security. It's like saying Ah, you're living a good life? Let me ruin that. Yes! I got my revenge!” I mean, why would you even think of “revenge” if the person hasn't done anything to you? If the person is just living his own life and you happen to just be a spectator? Isn't it much better to build people up than tear them down? :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Great Hair with Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner

 I've always worn my hair long since I was a little girl. The only time I had it short was in college and it wasn't even intentional—the hair stylist cut off a huge chunk when I only asked for a trim. When I saw how much he cut off, I CRIED. I walked out of the salon and locked myself up in the car. Thankfully my mom was with me and I let her deal with the mishap. 

 Some may call it shallow but hey, I was a teenager then! I didn't really “feel” my short hair and it affected my self-esteem. I vowed to never have my hair cut that short ever again. When my hair grew down to my desired length after a few years, I felt like I was back to my old self. There was something so safe about the feel of my hair over my back and shoulders. 

Compared to a short cut, it takes a little more care to keep long hair smooth, silky and manageable. Split-ends, dryness, frizz and tangles should be out of the equation. Back then, smooth, beautiful hair can be attained with weekly hot oil treatments and expensive hair conditioners. Thanks to aesthetic research and advanced technology, we can easily get the benefits of a hot oil treatment in a tube of Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner. 
From L-R: Cream Silk Dry Rescue, Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense, Cream Silk Damage Control, Cream Silk Standout Straight

I don't always wake up with perfect hair. Problem with mine is that it gets limp and lifeless. Sometimes, it even gets sticky and clumped together when I use the wrong kind of conditioner. With Cream Silk though, I've never had that experience. Whenever I use Cream Silk (the blue, Damage Control variant is my favorite), I can wear my hair straight without the strands feeling weighed down. When my hair is curled, the curls flow freely because each strand is nourished and hydrated.

Elsa gives me a hand
You can get your free samples of any of the Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioners on Sample Room. Make sure you have an account and enough points. If you haven't signed up yet, join the 28,000++ subscribers who get to try products out before they buying them. :-)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Daily, Deep, Complete Sun Protection is here with Daylong Sunscreen

You know that if you live in a tropical country, sun protection is of essence. I'm not just talking about cover-ups and umbrellas--we live in a humid country so hiding under layers of clothing could mean feeling sticky and not smelling so fresh. I know you don't want that.

I bet you've been told by your mom or an older sister that you need to wear sunblock. Gone are the days when sunblock just used to be an essential for beach trips. I'm happy that more people are realising the importance and benefits of wearing sun protection every day. You see, the sun can dry out your skin and cause premature ageing. Just watch the video below:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gawa, Hindi Salita

These words are a familiar sight to those who pass by huge community billboards scattered across Mandaluyong City. Whenever I take the Boni Avenue underpass, I am welcomed by the big bold letters of the city's motto, which in English translates to “Deeds, not words.” It's a good guiding principle that we can all incorporate into our lives--better to act in silence than make a lot of noise and not accomplish anything.

This made me think about how easy it is to impress people with the spoken word. More so, in the age of social media, lofty declarations and “action plans” can be posted online without really acting on them offline. For a moment you may impress an audience with your words but you can't fool them for long once they see that you can't follow through with the words you speak.

In my field of work, I come across a lot of practitioners who are so excellent with the way they communicate but fail in the implementation and application part. When it's showtime, expect a display of knowledge, pomp and charm but when the lights go out and an audience isn't listening or watching, you would see how they barely even work on the things they were saying earlier.

Allow me to be honest with you—a few years after graduating from college, I was also more of a SPEAKER than a DOER. Back then I thought that that behavior was acceptable, that people would learn to accept that about me but I realized that NOT DOING what I SPOKE ABOUT OR PROMISED put a dent on my integrity. If I were to get ready for leadership, I had to make sure that I acted on the words I spoke.

Two friends called my attention about that kind of behavior and I realized that when my ACTIONS DO NOT MATCH MY LOFTY WORDS, I am in a way deceiving people—making promises but not fulfilling them. I have then committed to change my ways and I'm grateful because the Lord has helped me in the process.

Below are some reminders on how you can be more of a DOER than just a mere SPEAKER:

1. Don't make lofty declarations (both spoken and online) unless you have the actions to back it up. Are you saying/posting these things just to garner people's approval? Are you doing it so that more people would press the LIKE button? Better not to post anything unless you are committed to following through.

2. While it is good to share knowledge, do so only when you are asked. Sometimes, an excessive display of your knowledge is off-putting to people, specially if they know you as that person who “only speaks but never acts”

3. Just do it! Yes, it's an overused phrase. When you plan to do something, unless you're seeking counsel and direction, you don't have to make a “press release” of what you plan to do. Say for instance, you're always late and its already affecting your work. Your attention has been called about it. Saying “I plan to come earlier” would just be an empty declaration unless you really do it!

4. Discipline yourself. Adapting the habits of a DOER won't happen overnight but if you are committed to changing yourself, you have to learn discipline.

5. Ask God for help. We have to admit that we cannot fully change ourselves but in our weakness, the Lord will be our strength. He can transform lives, so He can definitely help us change habits that need to be done away with.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Because the Elusive Chanteuse is coming...

Mariah Carey will be here this October for the Elusive Chanteuse tour! I am beyond excited! Mariah Carey is one of my favourite singers. I love her Butterfly, Rainbow, #1s and EMC=2 albums! I may not be able to sing onstage with her but this is me singing some of her songs. :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Royal Beauty and Pampering at Princess Hazel Salon and Spa

Hazel Uy

If the Royal Wedding made Catherine Middleton a Duchess, or a slipper made Cinderella an instant Princess, Princess Hazel Salon and Spa will surely inspire to bring out every royalty dream filled with beauty and pampering choices minus the luxury pricing.

 Located on South Triangle, Quezon Ave., Princess Hazel Salon and Spa is a true gem for those who value privacy, cleanliness, and top-of-the line services from head to toe. And in preparation for the year’s most celebrated time of the year, October’s special packages will get anyone excited in investing on body treatments. While this sounds a hefty price tag, October Body Fest offers five options of affordable packages. 

For those who find body scrub, massage and wax a timeless treat, the Queen Elizabeth Triple Body Boost (P1,499 net) is designed to leave the skin conditioned and smooth with a totally relaxing full body massage as a blissful ending. Kate Middleton’s ageless, healthy and smooth skin is the inspiration behind Duchess Kate Facial Bliss Package (P1,499 net). No-prick and nourishes the skin instantly, the radio frequency (RF) as an addition contours and slims the face in 15 minutes. While the paraffin wax has been long known for its softening benefits both for hands and feet, the Princess Diana Paraffin Package (P1,200 net) is a combination of hand, foot, and back paraffin, w/ complimentary body massage guaranteed an upgrade to a typical routine which relaxes the muscle, increases blood flow, reduces joint stiffness and pain. A combo of body scrub that strips away dead and dull skin coupled with long-lasting Orly gel mani-pedi, the Queen Cleopatra Indulgence Package (P999 net) is a synergy of treatments designed to make anyone feel good in an instant. And finally, the famed Radio Frequency (RF) not only boasts slimming, toning, and enhanced collagen production— the Queen Marie Antoinette Slimming Package at 75 percent off (P3,800 net) is good for 10 sessions for any body part of choice, exclusively throughout October. 

Whether one is in need of “me time” or simply wanting a venue with a run-off-the-mill concept to release stress, Princess Hazel Salon and Spa will make anyone experience pampering with a touch of royalty.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Princess Hazel Salon and Spa's October Body Fest

Here's My Heart

Here's My Heart (Out of Eden) 
Dear Lord, are You there, listening to my little prayer? 
I don't know exactly what to say 
I've been told that You love me, hear me when I call would help me when 
If I fall, I should let You have Your way 

 What I guess I'm trying to say, is I need You in my life 
'Cause I know I'm tired of living in the past 
I would like to take a chance on a change down deep inside 
I believe that this is one that's gonna last, so, here is 

 Here's my heart, it's been broken, it's been wounded 
But I'll give it all to You if You would love me, love me 
Here's my life, if You want it, You can have it 
I will give it all to You because You love me 
Your love is everything I need 

 Dear child, I'm right here, through your worries, through your fears 
I've been waiting, for you to call my name 
Oh, you know, that I hear you, if you turn to me and trust, my word is true 
You will never be the same 

Well, I'm standing here to say, that you need me in your life 
'Cause I know that you can't make it on your own, on your own 
If you would take a chance, let me change you deep inside 
I promise you will never be alone, so, here is 

Here's my heart, it's been broken, it's been wounded 
But I'll give it all to You if You would love me, love me 
Here's my life, if You want it, You can have it 
I will give it all to You because You love me 
Your love is everything I need 

You can turn to me and know that I am always standing by 
I gave it all for you, so you could have this gentle peace inside 
I will follow you 'cause I believe in everything You are 
I am your Father, You are my Saviour and in the matters of the heart 
I am taking Yours and You are taking mine 
Here's my heart, it's been broken, it's been wounded 
But I'll give it all to You if You would love me, love me 
Here's my life, if You want it, You can have it 
I will give it all to You because You love me Your love is everything I need 

 Here's my heart, it's been broken, it's been wounded 
But I'll give it all to You if You would love me, love me 
Here's my life, if You want it, You can have it 
I will give it all to You because You love me Your love is everything I need

Friday, September 12, 2014

Duet Myself

Our first performance ever. We didn't have enough time to rehearse though.


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